There Go The Nightmericans & Clockwork

by Elvis Perkins, Sam Cohen

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Here come the Nightmericans Eyes afire with jet burning Primeval trees Whispering wake children There isn’t no time To sleep through this morning I pave you in light You Nightmericans Come tall-talking Paul Who is accused of lying Between us and the Sun Who sent the flowers sighing Over an Earth pretty well used to dying Open the door the windows to Zion Of your beautiful blue eyes Speaker Ryan Elizabeth D, the D for devastation Pull from your own youth The black hare of illumination Oh where is that girl, tulip-timed in mystic Michigan? What would her Jesus do With her lighthouse as a Christian But dervish out the sun To all young Americans? Come kid-glovéd Don Rose finger-pricked trumpet Blowing wholly the mort On Nightmerica incorporate The office a 300 Sum-odd million snake egg omelet All of your Horses and your men if they were honest Would most love you yellowed out And gone where God is Come listener with me On a light meditation Close your eyes to see great wings Enfold the capital of our nation This is not the snow- white dove from the lonesome above But the rainbow street pigeon of all and no religion Now in your third eye you from this giant bird’s eye view 666-teen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue And you look to the west and see waiting in your nest An Oval Office in all its present rottenness Yay though it be rotten and surely ill- begotten It’s yours all the same and you love it no less So you sit yourself right down & you begin to brood With a proud and a motherly attitude And from your rainbow throat comes a rainbow of notes Ringing every chakra like alarum bells All the way down from the crown to the now painted Easter egg shell & you witness now with the speed of Jesus how a tomb can turn to a womb As rainbow waves fill to the gills that bright & oval room And thread through every ear of every walking talking nightmare in there & there among the rest is our good Donald dead asleep at his desk And with his snoring and his dreams too bleak and too boring The room begins to shake And the shell begins to break And the sunlight floods in Displacing all the nightmares within And within each American a sound and sacred soul begins to stir again And you, the pigeon, peer in Singing backwards from three At nothing you’ll wake and be back in your bodies Three Two One There go the Nightmericans Eyes alright like the infant oceans Coming to from deep state hypnosis Each resurfacing soul its own personal Atlantis All shining in the sun all born-again Americans
Everybody loves a shit show Don't you like to watch them fighting on TV? My country 'Tis of thee I sing. In the court of public fury Justice and wisdom are condemned Look who's shaping your position Where does it end? Is this a game? Is there really nothing valuable to save The great debate Is so confused 'Cos everybody loves to be amused Yes, everybody loves to be amused Everybody loves to be amused. And the rich keep getting richer And richer And still your banner's in my face Can't you see, you stupid fuck You and me are crammed in the same space. Are you for real? Is there really nothing left for them to steal? The great debate Is so confused 'Cos everybody loves to be amused Yes, everybody loves to be amused Everybody loves to be amused. Like a bomb It's ticking Like clockwork. Like a bomb It's ticking Like clockwork. Is there really nothing nothing beautiful To save? Is there really nothing valuable To save?


All proceeds from sales of this release will go to benefit Emergent Fund, powered by RPM. Established in November 2016, the Emergent Fund continues to protect and empower American communities most jeopardized by the Trump Administration. RPM is a nonprofit agency supporting artists in activism.

There Go The Nightmericans is my (EP here) new single, performed with Sam Cohen and Josh Kaufman. The question of what to do about the walking nightmares currently in the high seats of American power has for a year now borne heavy on my mind, too (surprise). Desperate times calling for all manner of desperate measure, here we have a Hail Mary'd wake up call to their presumably only shallowly-buried better selves, pitched from the recess of a song-spell their ears may never hear. At its center is a guided meditation for those who wish to join in expelling what nightmares may be driving Mr. Trump and his enablers.

Clockwork was originally released by Sam Cohen as part of Dave Eggers "30 Songs, 30 Days" during the month leading up to the 2016 presidential election. The song is something of a eulogy for American dignity.

Sam Cohen and I are gratified to see the energy we fed into these songs going out to organizations at the vanguard of the resistance and the revitalization.

For information on the Emergent Fund and the organizations they support:


released December 7, 2017

There Go The Nightmericans:
Written by Elvis Perkins
Produced by Sam Cohen
Mixed by D James Goodwin
Mastered by Alan Silverman

Acoustic guitar and voice: Elvis Perkins
Drums, bass, synth and background voices: Sam Cohen
Organ, electric guitar, bulbul tarang: Josh Kaufman

Video by Huger Foote & Elvis Perkins
Cinematography by Huger Foote
Edited by Ben Fundis


all rights reserved



Elvis Perkins New York, New York

Elvis Perkins is a songwriter, performer and composer.
Discography: Ash Wednesday 2007, Elvis Perkins in Dearland 2009, The Doomsday EP 2009, I Aubade 2015. Creation Myths 2020. Film scores: I am the Pretty Thing the Lives in the House 2016 and The Blackcoat’s Daughter 2017 ... more


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